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A.1st home

Whether you are a first home buyer, moving to your next home, a seasoned property investor, or wanting to refinance existing loans we will help find you a competitive loan and lender for your individual situation.

residential property

                 or your 1st home

When it comes to financing your home, finding a professional Mortgage Broker who understands your situation can make life a lot easier.

We have access to a range of home loan products from well-known bank and non-bank lenders.

We will do the research for you on which lender/s and products are most suited to you and show you:

  • how much you can borrow

  • how much deposit  you will require

  • how much your weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments could be

  • which lenders are providing discounts or special offers

  • whether you are eligible for first home owner grants

We will negotiate the terms and conditions of your loan to get you a better deal.

We will help you complete the required paperwork and guide you through the process from application to settlement.

Whether you are just starting to think about buying your first home or investment property or have already found your dream home, we can help.

an investment property


Primary Objective

Earning maximum return on investment.  Structuring your finance correctly is critical to investor success.

Investing in Residential

Investment loans can be either as basic as your standard home loan or a little more complex to help with tax minimisation, gearing and repayment management.  


The costs associated with an investment property such as interest, maintenance or repairs, rates and depreciation are generally tax deductible.  Any rental income will generally increase your taxable income.


We can find features such as redraw, offset and the ability to make additional repayments as required by your circumstances.

Depending on your investment strategy you can choose from a variety of loan options including:     

  • Variable or Fixed rate loan or a combination of both.

  • Line of credit.

  • Principal and interest loan or interest only loan.

Investing in Commercial

Commercial real estate can provide portfolio diversification, create tax benefits and build wealth.  While commercial property leases tend to offer more security than residential ones you will require a larger initial deposit to fund a commercial property investment.


 Most lenders offer a maximum Loan to Valuation Ration (LVR) of 70%, which means you may need a minimum deposit of 30% of purchase price plus costs.

As with any investment decision we recommend you also talk to your accountant and/or financial planner for analysis of your specific financial position.

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