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Getting your business started, investing in equipment, or realise your goals to expand or upgrade with flexible finance solutions.

business finance

At 2 finance we can assist clients who are sole traders, partnerships, companies or trusts.  By using one of several types of lending facilities we can provide innovative financial solutions to finance your business and commercial needs.

Business finance can take many forms including:

Debt finance


Debt finance is borrowed money you pay back with interest within an agreed time.  Most common types include:

  • Bank loans

  • Overdrafts

  • Mortgages

  • Credit cards

  • Equipment leasing and hire purchase.

Equity finance


Equity finance is investing either your own or someone else's money into the business.  The key difference is the investor becomes a part owner of the business and shares any profit the business makes.  Most common types of equity sources are:


  • Family & friends​

  • Business angels - individuals who invest their own funds into start-up businesses

  • Crowd funding - this relies on people to donate money to a business

  • Venture capitalists - professional investors who invest funds in operating companies

  • Public float  - raising money by issuing securities (e.g. shares) to the public

We can assist with short term financing like a bank overdraft or assist with your longer term financing needs.

With access to a large range of loan products and interest rates you can be certain, whatever your industry, we will help you find a better finance solution for your business.

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